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Yee-Haw! Visit the World’s Oldest Rodeo

Did you know the world’s oldest rodeo is in Prescott? That’s right! With just a short roadtrip, you can visit this important piece of Americana. This rodeo started on July 4, 1888. This event, then called “cowboy tournament,” was part of the beginning of what we know today as a rodeo. Back then, it was a championship of sorts where cowboys would show off their various skills for cash prizes.

The rodeo has not missed a year since the beginning. Going strong since 1888, the rodeo continues drawing 27,000 people a year to the event. When the event is not taking place, an additional 25,000 people visit, making the rodeo economically beneficial to the surrounding area.

In 1888, the rodeo was put on and promoted by local merchants. Today, that group of local merchants have evolved into a committee known as Prescott Frontier Days®, Inc. They are a non-profit organization which is completely run by volunteers who continue to put on the rodeo every year.

worlds oldest rodeoThe “cowboy tournament,” or rodeo, takes place every year on July 4th. It is the most anticipated event of the year for Prescott because it is such a beloved tradition.
You have a chance of being a part of the rodeo too! The World’s Oldest Rodeo website contains applications to compete. On the website, you’ll also find more specific information on other events held.